Installing openSuse 11.0 in an Acer Aspire One

I have bought an acer aspire one. i made a boot usb disc with openSuse 11.0 the problem is that because the laptop doesn’t have a dvd-rom drive the installation stops.

is there a way to bypass the check of the dvd-rom drive and continue with the installation?

thank you in advance.

Exactly the same problem I raised earlier today on this forum.

It seems really strange to have this check in place given the huge number of netbooks sold this year that are without an optical drive.

I’m trying to install on an asus eeebox - also without success.

Does the full DVD run this check too, or just the live CDs? I’d rather not be forced into buying a large and unnecessary USB stick, but it has to be better than buying an already obsolete USB CD drive.

hasn’t anyone any good idea?

Opensuse 11 on a Netbook…anybody? - Page 3 - openSUSE Forums

Only problem now for me is to get the wifi to work.
Found this:
#1192 (Hardware Support: AR5007* (AR2425 chips)) - - Trac](

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OK, you don’t need to install this driver anymore if you use the latest stable kernel release( I installed Fedora 9, then enabled Rawhide, got the kernel and then disabled Rawhide again. No problems. No configuration.

and needs to update to latest kernel…hmmmm…any quick way to help a newbie like me?

I have 11.0 running on an Eeepc. I copied the dvd to an 8GB usb stick with the drivers needed. I followed the information from this site:

OpenSUSE on the EeePC - openSUSE

These techniques may work on an Aspire One.

Would a net install image be out of the question?

Well, it is since a newbie have no chance to get the mad-wifi problems sorted out before even an installation is in place…
The hen or the egg?

Sorry, was a bit tired when wrote previous posting…
Ofcourse a net install via a LAN;cable could work, but it would take very long time and seems not the best way if U already have downloaded the DVD.iso

Ok, to finalize everything as hibernation, powersaving, sound, fan noise, wifi etc, we should link to this excellent howto, had a real hard time now to find it again…
But here it is :slight_smile: :
OpenSUSE on the Aspire One - openSUSE

In the OpenSUSE on the Aspire One - openSUSE it doesn’t say anything about using the tmpfs like it does in OpenSUSE on the EeePC - openSUSE. It is used to reduce the number of writes to the SSD (which theoretically have a limited number of write cycles available)

Is this an issue to consider?

Yes it does. Pretty stupid imo. I know mandriva CDs also perform thae check but for them there is a patch you can use. I dojn’t know about opensuse.