installing open suse alongside with mint and windows 7

i am using mint 10 and windows 7.i want to add opensuse 11.4 to there any chance to do this?i don’t want to use virtual box.please help me.

Think about something: All you’ve told the forums is that you have a current dual boot. We don’t know if this is across one harddrive with multiple partitions or two drives.
Your current bootloader is also missing.
Whether you have empty space on any drive(s) is also up in the air.
Having said all of that, I’m going to take some shots in the dark assuming one hard drive, multiple partitions, Grub as the bootloader.

Yes it’s possible, it’s enjoyable. I’m tri-booting 11.4, Win 7, and Arch.
To get some more space for 11.4, boot into Win, right click My Computer, Manage, Disk Management, Right Click your big partition and shrink. shrink the size you want 11.4 to have. Around 20 GB.
Then the installer will grab this unallocated space, & you can use the Swap partition from Mint.

Grub will get messy, I use Windows Boot Manager so someone else will have to chime in for that. 11.4 Installer may pick up the other two OSes, maybe not.

Not if you explicitely tell openSUSE setup to NOT write a generic bootcode to MBR and install Grub in its root partition:

You should uncheck Boot from master boot record if you want to keep Mint’s Grub. Although it’s not a big problem. But you must uncheck Write generic Boot Code to MBR as shown on the last picture.

If you keep Mint’s Grub, you won’t be able to reboot openSUSE until you type update-grub under Mint (blind guess, I’m assuming it does work like Ubuntu). If you install openSUSE’s Grub in MBR, you can add Mint later with updategrub (updategrub for openSUSE Legacy Grub (not update-grub!)) or manually (it’s not complicated).

thank you guys i will try.