installing open suse 12.1 in toshiba P850

Hello everybody,

I have got a Toshiba P850-12Z whose characteristics are the following: third generation processor core i7 whose graphic card is a NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 630M with technology CUDA™ and technology NVIDIA® Optimus™
I have tried twice to install open suse 12.1 in my computer. The first time I tried to install it the graphic mode, but it didn’t work and the installation failed in the 39%. The second time I killed the process which did not allow me to install suse; suse was installed but the graphic mode is not loaded when the computer is turned on.
What should I do to install suse?

Thank you so much.

Hi, first of all: welcome !!

Thanks for the accurate information provided. You, like me, are using an NVIDIA Optimus. IMHO you’re better off installing 12.2 through a LiveCD. If that boots a graphical desktop, install. You could also try to boot the 12.1 install disk with the " nomodeset " option on the options line. But my bet would be on 12.2, since it has a newer kernel, so better support for newer hardware.
Mind, you cannot simply install the NVIDIA driver on these systems, one needs bumblebee and the modified NVIDIA driver packages. But that’s a post install matter.

You will likely need to use Bumblebee. Here are a few posts to read:

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