Installing on older iMac (white)

I have tried both Leap and Tumbleweed.

I am attempting to install on an older iMac. This was the 32-bit Intel version, with which I have installed other distros of Linux on before. I have tried creating a USB boot stick with Rufus, which I use all the time to create boot sticks from ISOs, so I think I am good there. When I insert the USB stick, it refuses to boot from it after selecting it. I tried burning the ISO to DVD, and even used that DVD to install on another computer. I tried booting with the DVD on the iMac, and I’m presented with a menu with 2 choices. One is UEFI and the other is BIOS (if I remember correctly, I’m at a different computer currently). The screen doesn’t appear to be locked up, as there is a cursor flashing. I am however unable to select either menu option 1 or 2 from the keys at the top of the keyboard or the number pad on the right. All other presses of keys have no response either.

Has anyone installed OpenSuSE specifically on one of these computers, and have any tips for how I can go about successfully getting it on there?

I am not sure about Tumbleweed, but Leap comes only in a 64-bit version. Thus you can stop trying that.

This is well known bug on Macs that affects multi-boot CD. You should be able to boot by holding Option key during power on and selecting boot device in Startup Manager.

:|And… the conclusion is that I am an idiot.

These are 32-bit computers, and I was attempting 64-bit installs. I grabbed the 32-bit ISO and created a USB bootstick. Looks like it’s going to work now.

Leap is 64 bit only. I believe Tumbleweed still provides a 32 bit flavor. But TW is a rolling release which means lots of updates and things may break

Not sure what “going to work” means, but note that 32 bit ISO does not support EFI boot, so of course it avoids this bug.