Installing on an Old IntelliStation

I’m Trying to Install Suse on an Old IBM IntelliStation that I bought from our company sale But when I boot up it tells me to Insert a diskette It doesn’t seem to recognize The CD-rom drive do I need to up date the Bios or is there some trick on the IntelliStation that I don’t know. I newer to linux I installed on an old laptop I had a few years ago but this is the first time I’ve done it since.

Thank you

We are not flush with information from your post, so it’s difficult to say. But obviously you need to be able boot from the cd drive and be able to set that in bios. How many cd’s do you have to hand. if you were able to try a number or at least in another PC, we would have some kind of base to work from.

If you have any information - more than ‘Old’ - that would help too.

I’m a couple of steps behind you - just obtained an old IBM Intellistation myself. Trying to get it to boot from cdrom. Google searches seem to suggest that the secret is to access the SMS screens to change boot options. This is apparently done through a serial terminal attached to a port on the back of the machine. I’m about to track-down a null-modem cable to see if this works - to see if I can get to the SMS screens & change the boot device. I will let you know.