Installing on a ppc mac from usb


I need to install opensuse on an old mac that uses a powerpc chip. Unfortunately, this computer doesn’t have a cdrom reader (it’s broken).

I was planning to do a net install from an usb-stick and found this tutorial :

SDB:Installation without CD - openSUSE

But the ppc version of the mini-iso is different from the i386 on the example, it doesn’t contain a /boot/ppc/loader/ directory.

Can anyone adapt or point me to an adapted version of this tutorial for the ppc architecture ?

Thanks in advance.


Does your nic support PXE?

If yes, you can try installing from the network via a tftp server where your system will fetch the boot kernel and initrd. You will probably need a dhcp server and one where the installation sources are stored.

It is a complex installation scenario for only one system, but you can set it up with only one additional linux system that happens to be located in the same subnet as that of the target system (your Mac machine).

Find details in the ‘Chapter 1. Remote instalation’ of the Open Suse Reference pdf.

Good luck and get fun!.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your response but your suggestion is really two complicated for me.

Basically, I need to get a kernel and an initrd from the installation media in order to make the system boot and start the installation process, but I can’t find them on the mini-iso !