Installing on a PC without Windows ?

I was a windows user and decided to stop paying for the stuff. I am now installing Opensuse 11.1 with KDE (or Gnome I don’t really care).

The installation is going smoothly and when it come to set my screen (Viewsonic Q191wb 1400*900 with a nvidia gforce 7300).

I don’t understand why it load the install screen well and when it set the screen I got a pixelized out of range wiggly screen.

Is there something I do wrong or do I need other RPMs to make it work well ?

Please, I need the information on the windows partition of the disk and I will remove the partition after to make a pure Linux system.

Run sax2 and choose the monitor correctly out of range normally means the monitor settings are wrong.

You may get a normal screen with failsafe if not you’ll have to go to init 3, i.e 3 on end of grub line or change to console with ctrl alt f1, log in as user, then su then run init 3 then sax2.

whoahhhh … how, what?

step by step please ?

hehe OK just testing and I’m in a short mood today step by step…

When you have the green grub screen at the bottom iirc is a vga=*** after this so it looks like vga=*** 3.

Now this will boot to init 3 what we want no gui. This will give you a login prompt. Login with your user say simon it will ask for passwd enter it…

Now you’ll have a command prompt on this


enter password if you’ve not changed the default, then the same as user otherwise the root one you gave it.


This should try to start the x server hopefully it will then from here, choose the monitor and change it to a closer fit, either a generic of similar or the specific model if found. Test then save will put you back at the prompt.

Now if everything went OK

init 5

This should start up the GUI environment. Now you may not be able to use the exact settings till you get the Nvidia drivers. But first get a desktop. Then wiki for nvidia drivers.

I’m presuming you’ve installed if not change the monitor at install just test you’ll know when you’ve got the closest.

Will try that, after the reinstall. It popped 10.2 (I installed this one first.)

I was able to get into KDE ui with the failsafe, but I can’t enter with the normal mode. The screen is simply black.

Do I try the same thing from the previous ?

KDE4 has been known to have issues with nvidia for some people, for you I say try the gnome version instead.

How can I switch from KDE to gnome without reinstalling ?

Well if you can get into Suse via failsafe mode and get KDE up and running and able to get net access you could use YAST for that…
But are you able to connect to the net with your install?

I am now in KDE in 1024*768 24bit, a little better but the screen is a 16:10 so it’s crushed. I love linux so far !

I’ll keep KDE it works. I am not glad with the resolution but will do with it for now. I<m happy with all your help (I was able to get on internet qith failsafe, but now I’m in normal mode.)

If you click on kickoff (green gecko lower left) > configure desktop > display and click on the triangle on the size tab, do you get more resolutions to choose from?

If not, you can now run sax2 from the gui: Click kickoff then mouse over applications. Click system > configuration > configure x11 system.

Within this configuration module you should see your monitor, graphics card and resolution. You may be able to find your specific monitor by clicking on the change tab. Or just choose lcd if that’s what you have.

Edit: Just thought of something. Before you do anything else, launch the software installation tool (kickoff > computer > install software) and click Accept. This will install any updates that are cued up.

nope it’s the maximum … ARGH ! !!!

I’m stuck in 1024768 24bit because the drivers wont take the 1400900 resolution. I have to find my screen drivers and maybe wait for the next KDE version.

If anyone had this problem at installation, can you tell me how you managed to get the configuration to work in optimum performance.

Thanks !

You’re probably going to need to use the nvidia drivers. Start the YaST software tool and click on configuration > repositories.

Then click the add button at the bottom and choose Community repositories and click next. Check the Nvidia repo and then ok. Then click ok again.

Type nvidia into the search field. From the list check x11-video-nvidiaG02 and click Accept.

YaST should automatically add the correct kernel module. You’ll need to reboot for the changes to take effect.

Your computer may boot into a higher resolution the first time. If not, you can configure it with Sax2 like I mentioned above.

Good luck.

got a resolution of 1280*1024 so it’s fine for me. not too big and not too small.

got a resolution of 1280*1024 so it’s fine for me. not too big and not too small.

Did it take the nvidia drivers to do this?

One thing i can tell: NVidia driver has not been installed. All described can only lead to that. Please refer to the Wiki.

Installed the Nvidia Driver like in the wiki.