Installing on a computer without a cd drive

How do you install openSUSE on a computer without a cd drive?

Probably the easiest way is with a USB pendrive.

Do you know whether it can boot from USB? Does it have linux on already, or windows or something?

In case you’re reading, or if not, for posterity…

It can be done - and in fact it really isn’t that hard, with the right instructions.

EeeUser ASUS Eee PC Forum / openSUSE onto SDHC without CD drive -> STUCK!

This link, although describing the procedure in the Asus eee pc’s Xandros linux, could no doubt work on another distro with some pointers. Even if you don’t have linux installed, if you have access to a PC with an optical drive and a USB port you can use a live CD on that to prep the USB stick for install to your target system.

Good luck.