Installing NVIDIA drivers the hard way

Hi there, I’m running Tumbleweed and I wanted to install NVIDIA proprietary drivers, I know the only way to do it is “The hard way” which it isn’t so hard.

So, my question is, after installing the driver this way, is there a way to uninstall it CLEANLY or at least disable it and fall back to Noveau?
I want to know this in case of a incompatible kernel upgrade.


Run the with --uninstall
It is in the instruction on the NVIDIA site

Ok, great!
Is there a way to disable it without uninstalling it?

No. NVIDA modifies the X stack thus breaks other drivers. If this is a notebook then it may well be Optimus and that is a special hardware set up.

Yeah, I saw it modified the X config file under /etc/X11.
Thanks for the help. If I find any trouble I’ll just uninstall the proprietary driver.

That’s not what gogalthorp meant. The NVIDIA installer replaces some files from the X stack with symlinks to it’s own versions. This won’t work on Optimus, since the Intel will fail in such hardware.