Installing nVidia driver "the hard way"

I currently have the proprietary nVidia driver installed from the repo ( and wanted to try the “hard way” installation instead.

I have the (very good) instructions from SDB:NVIDIA the hard way - openSUSE, but it doesn’t mention whether or not to uninstall the repo version first. Do I have to do that, or simply proceed with the “hard way” install on top of the repo installation?


Since you don’t need zypper or yast packages installation, you don’t need to uninstall the repo at all.

Daax, he was also asking about how to uninstall the nvidia-driver itself. Also isn’t there a kind of automatism when the NVidia-Repo is activated (meaning it chooses to automatically install the respective driver)? There’s no need to keep it, that’s for sure.

Removing the repo:

    • Check the number of the NVidia-Repo
zypper lr
    • Remove it
zypper rr $number of repo]

Removing the NVidia-driver:

    • Check for installed NVidia-packages
zypper se -si nvidia
  1. Remove them
zypper rm $package1] $package2] ...

You can keep the package ‘nvidia-settings’, if installed. It also works when using the .run-driver.

Edit: the →HowTo misses to mention that the .run-file has to be installed in runlevel 3.

Should someone or the maintainer of this article modify it? This little mention is somewhat more than important. :open_mouth:

I agree. They MUST add an extra step to show the run file installation command.

To install the NVIDIA run file:

sh NVIDIA*.run

Have a lot of fun!


Excellent - that’s what I was looking for. I was originally thinking that @Daax just made a typo and meant “you don’t need to uninstall the repo [driver] at all.”, which would have been incorrect. Thanks for the clarification!

I ddin’t made a typo, but I forgot that to do it the hard way, one must uninstall the actual driver… :shame: