Installing nVidia driver puts machine into crash prone state

Leap 15.4 with nVidia GT710 video card Gigabyte Z690 UD AX DDR4 mobo with latest firmware and recommended nVidia driver.

Once nvidia driver is installed via nVidia repository machine becomes completely unstable. It will black screen and reboot in the middle of a session. Sometimes it will endlessly reboot. The only remedy is to uninstall the nVidia driver and blast the /etc/modprobe.d/ nvidia entry. Once it is back running on nouveau work can continue as normal.

@GofBorg Hi, that is a recent motherboard? Can you configure the GPU slot to PCI 2.0 (or 3.0 ) and speed to say 2.5Gbs or 5Gbs?

I will look into it. I have another machine in the office with the same configuration but it is stable. It had an issue with Vulkan when it was first updated from 15.3 to 15.4 but I was able to sort that one out. The Vulkan issue existed on this machine as well but there is something else going on with this one. Rebooting while you are working just isn’t cool.

@GofBorg so this is a new motherboard?

Yes. Actually have a batch of them with 12th gen core i7’s.
This one has been running stable all day today with nVidia driver

@GofBorg So it has PCIe 5.0 slots…likely the GT710 (or motherboard) is getting confused… seems an under powered card for such a new M/B?


The Asus board has a switch (which is in automatic mode by default; gen4 and gen5), in which you can toggle and select gen3 .

I don’t know if your motherboard has that option, but it would be something to consider, if so, to see it in the user manual, in case it says something.


It’s all overpowered to run Excel/Word. :wink:
I am actually convinced it is a Suse issue since it works fine with 15.3 installed.