Installing non OSs programmes

After installing Leap downloaded and tried to install Chrome, Google Earth and Skype.
The downloads are titled as rpms but have a red icon and when clicked on open ark.
Extracting them leads to nowhere, not as user or su.
What does it take to install programmes now with this great Leap forward??

Hover over the red icons to see what it means.

IIRC the red icon only means that you’ve installed the RPMs without adding the repo, so that means that those packages will not automatically update.

If you install chrome (and I assume the other Google apps) from the Chrome website, ordinarily the process involves adding the Google repository (last time I installed). If you just click on links to download RPMs or copy RPMs from another source (like another install), then you’ll get that red icon.


RPM are install programs like always. Some programs come as shell scripts that you run generally as user and it installs into your ~/bin. Sometime they don’t get added to the menu depending on the script so you must add them manually

Same as always:

sudo zypper in xxx.rpm


sudo rpm -i xxx.rpm