Installing newer version of openSUSE on top of old one, but keep /home which has no own partition

I want to reinstall (upgrade by installing a newer version on top of an older version) opensuse13.2 on a pc that is currently running a corrupted version of opensuse 13.1.
The problem is /home has no own partition, there was only one partition for / (including /home of course), but i want to keep the home directory for the configuration file and the other user stuff, and i want to keep only the /home dir, no other stuff. If there is not way to do that i want to keep home at least for one special user which is btw. not the user with uid 1000 and that would be another problem i think.

What is the best way to do that?

Back /home up.

even if a separate partition it is best to back up home before messing with basic things like the OS

Doing an upgrade from the Full DVD should preserve home files also but there is always a chance something might go wrong or you press the wrong button etc.

But if you do a new install /root gets formatted and if /home is not on a different partition so does /home. This is one good reason to have a separate home partition.

I assume this is a slip of the typing. :wink: You mean / and not /root. The latter does exist, but is something different (and normally not on a separate partition).

Yep wrote / the thought maybe should say root. LOL

Ok hoped for an easier way but only because i do not wanted to do make any unnecessary efforts.
I made the backup and did a full install overwriting the whole partition, this time i created an extra partition for /home though.

Good action. A separate /home has several advantages and this was the opportunity to get it.