installing new soundcard (PCI)

Before I install a new PCI soundcard (M-Audio Audiophile 192), I wanted to ask if I need to do any sort of low level system configuration stuff. I haven’t run linux long enough before to last through hardware changes (although that’s changed with 11.0 ((x64)) ), and I’ll be tearing out a wireless PCI card and replacing it with the sound card (as well as removing a USB sound card device).

Should this be all plug-n-play type stuff, just reboot and it should find my devices? or do I need to do any prep or console stuff when I boot back into the system?

best thing to do is go to YaST - Hardware - sound & delete the old device. once done, shut-down the p.c.remove the old device,install new device.boot up & log-in as normal. SuSE should tell you it has discovered new hardware & ask if you want to configure it,accept & go configure :slight_smile:


You might need to take a visit to YAST / Sound or run alsaconf as root.

awesome thanks man will give it a go