Installing new kernel

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I’m a CS student and would like to experiment installing new kernel on my own (i.e. build, configure…). I already tried this on my Ubuntu installation but it caused ‘kernel panic’ error.

Before I try my new experiment on openSuSe I’d like to know if there are any SuSe-specific steps I need to follow or if the following standard approach is sufficient:

  • run ‘make defconfig’ with new kernel source
  • run ‘make menuconfig’ and configure Device Drivers for Dell support
  • build the kernel with 64-bit support

My question is: will this kernel installation approach work on openSUSE or should I try some other methods like using ‘git’ command? (I’d prefer conventional approach, if at all possible, as it’s distribution independent).

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I used How to forge when I started building kernels for Ubuntu.
Never tried one for openSUSE, But here is the howto anyway.
Warning: not for the faint of heart!!!
How To Compile A Kernel - The SuSE Way | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

You might ask these questions in the Development forum.

Check out by bash script compiler I talk about in message #62 below:

S.A.K.C. - SUSE Automated Kernel Compiler - Version 2.00 - Page 7

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Hi friends,

Thank you very much for your replies. I have decided not to tinker with my SuSe installation - it’s too important for me to break it - and the conventional way I tried to install kernel isn’t guaranteed to work anyways.

Lot’s of useful information, thank you.

You can have more then one kernel. If the new one doe not work boot to the good one