Installing new kernel does not update grub menu

I am using OS 13.2 and grub ( not grub2 ). If I use Yast | Online Update and install a new kernel, all the proper files are stored in my /boot directory and elsewhere in my file system but no new entry is added to my grub menu.lst. Is this the expected behavior ? Am I supposed to manually add the appropriate menu.lst entry myself or is there a better way ?

Grub is barely supported would recommend you move on to grub2 or expect to manually maintain the legacy grub.

grub1’s menu should still be updated automatically AFAIK, in 13.2 at least (no idea about later versions, i.e. Leap and Tumbleweed).
Only YaST does not support it any more.

But make sure you actually have LOADER_TYPE=“grub” in /etc/sysconfig/bootloader, if that’s set to “none” the system will not touch any boot loader configuration…

I looked at /etc/sysconfig/bootloader and its LOADER_TYPE was set to “none”. I manually changed the LOADER_TYPE to “grub”. Does this mean that when Yast installs a new kernel that grub’s menu.lst should be updated accordingly ? Do I need to run Yast’s Boot Loader in order to further update anything ? Currently I have to boot loader in my OS 13.2 boot partition and I have multi-boot software ( BIBM ) for starting OS 13.2 ( along with other OSs ), and I do not intend to change that.


Do I need to run Yast’s Boot Loader in order to further update anything ?

No, and you actually should not.
As mentioned YaST->Boot Loader only supports grub2. If you run it, it will either install grub2 or switch your LOADER_TYPE to “none” again.