Installing Network Printer

The joy of openSuSE installation continues. Although the installer recognized and correctly configured my Epson direct-connect (USB) printer, it doesn’t see my network-connected printer at all. It doesn’t appear in the YaST printer configuration screen. Or in CUPS.

The network printer is an Epson Workforce 635. I’ve already downloaded and installed the Avasys driver. But it isn’t even appearing in the configuration tools, so I doubt it’s a driver issue.

Configuration under Windows, throughout my home network, was brainlessly fast and simple.

Poking around here and the wider Web yields a mass of similar problems, contradictory solutions and non-solutions, and not much in the way of clear, simple instructions on how to get a networked printer to work under Linux.

Can someone provide guidance, or point me to a useful resource?


Joy. Rapture. I got a test page to print.

Then I tried printing an actual document. The first page looked good; all subsequent pages were filled with the contents of the page, plus a massive amount of garbage.