Installing network printer

Hi to all.
I am facing problem while installing a network printer.
Printer is Fuji Xerox Ducoprinter c252a.
The driver every thing is there in the printer setup.
But not sure how to install it through network.
I mean assign IP address,and do the rest of job.
Can someone guide me how to configure it on network.

Many Thanks.

Usually when you are installing a network printer the system will attempt to find it on the network. If it doesn’t it will give you the option to enter the IP address manually.

Open a browser and enter
the CUPS interface will come up.Configure your printer form there

OK, I did just that, entered everything I needed to and then got the message “A username and password are being requested by http://localhost:631. The site says: “CUPS”” I have no idea what it wants and nothing I enter works. Why should I need a username and password for a printer?


Its not actually a site.Its at your pc,its localhost.(jyst dont pay attention if u knew it already)
Just enter root username and root password.U only have to do it once dont worry

Thanks for replies.
I tried both options.Via directly by adding new printer.
It didn’t detect it automatically.
There it give options for Windows through samba and Unix and so on…, not sure what to select and what to enter in the respective fields.
I have network printer,and think it is not installed on a definitely have to use ip address.
I also tried CUPS by that address.
The same options appear as it appear in the new printer install wizard.
Can any body have setup by setup conf.