Installing network printer

I am trying to install a HP 6940 printer as a network printer connected to my router. The printer is installed on the network and recognized by it. I understand the need to give the printer a fixed ip address and have discovered how to do this at the router and at the embedded web server at the printer. I am unsure of all the steps I need to take and hesitant to make an unrecoverable error. I hope someone can help me with a quick tutorial.

This is a nice guide:

HowTo Install a HP LaserJet 1020 printer in Suse 10.x, 11.x

Its for a HP Laserjet Model 1020, but the configuration principles should still apply.

Edit: This might be more relevant for network printing:

Simply use Yast’s printer configuration. I use a HP in a network (cannot find out the model right now, their internet connection is down…). It was autodetected on 11.2 on the server, made clients print through the server.