Installing network printer (SCX4500W)

I’m trying to add my Samsung SCX4500W printer to my opensuse 11.2 machine running KDE.

From Yast->Printer->Add printer
I am able to set the printer up, however there is no driver for my specific network printer. Samsung does provide a linux driver but I have no idea what I’m doing when installing peripherals on linux basically :slight_smile:

Can anyone walk me through this?

There are Linux drivers on the Samsung site so you are halfway there. The drivers are in .tar.gz format, so download and unzip. Having not had to I can not tell you what is in the package but, you will probably find instructions once you have unzipped the file. Same for the other two programmes, the panel and printer setting utility. Without knowing the package contents or format it is difficult to give advice. Samsung have been bothered to provide Linux drivers, so I would imagine the instructions for installing are in there as well.

You can get access to the graphical CUPS configuration through a browser at the address: http://localhost:631

It’s a very powerful and easy to use interface.

YAST should really include a button for this.

Slow reply I know :stuck_out_tongue:
The CUPS thing really worked out, and there -should- be a button for it :expressionless:

Here’s what I did,
http://localhost:631/ -> add printer -> enter information ->
Now go to the downloaded driver file, point to this ppd file “/cdroot/Linux/noarch/at_opt/share/ppd/scx4500w.ppd”
The printing “method” should be ipp by the way, I pointed it to “” no more, no less.

The printer should be added now, one more thing to do.
In a terminal do this (for x64).

cd cdroot/Linux/x86_64/at_root/usr/lib64/cups/filter
sudo cp rastertosamsungspl /usr/lib64/cups/filter/

Press the “start” command in Cups, even though it’s already running this will clear the error stating it can’t find the filter (Filter “rastertosamsungspl” for printer “Samsung” not available)
Yay! rotfl!