Installing multipart .rpms d/l'ed from What order to install them?

Hi there,

If you have an application like Xone that has both an application .rpm and a kmp-default .rpm, is there an understood methodology for knowing which ones need installing, and which order to install them in?
Or am i trying to do this a needlessly complicated way, and instead i should just do X…?

Kind regards. Jbt

If you set up the repository, all dependencies will get pulled by zypper no matter with witch package you start. If you don’t want to use the repository, you can simply start installation and look if zypper complains because of a missing dependency. Or you use the zypper info --requires <packagename> do see if a package needs some deps. Or you use zypper install --dry-run <packagename> to do a test run for installation.
You will see if some additional package are needed because zypper will tell you.

Plenty ways…see man zypper for more…

Thank you.

I didn’t want to play with repositories, so I opted for “zypper install” first.
But it failed on both parts - saying it could connect… possibly because its from a user repo?

So i tried the .rpm files via discover:
xone complained about a dependency, so i tried xone-kmp-default, but it error’ed too.

So i tried the .rpm files via yast2:
based on the depency error with xone, i first tried xone-kmp-default, and it installed.
I then tried xone, but YAST wanted to remove 289MB of ‘kernel default’ (5.19.7) before it would install xone…
I’ve seen the linus popos video, so i cancelled the install.

My current end-state:
xone-kernel-default installed, with no sign of life from my Xbox One controller or Xbox usb dongle.