Installing multimedia in Fedora - can openSUSE learn from this ?

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Since my Original Post (OP) I note we have a couple of interesting scripts on openSUSE put together by community members:

  1. MMCHECK - Check Your Multimedia in 10 Steps - Script File, as proposed by RedDwarf
  2. Script for unattended setup/remove Multimedia packages – Any Version?[/ol]
    I’ve only tried the first, and not the second.

Should any of these be moved/copied to the Wiki?

Greetings all,

Reading this thread, and being a very new openSuse user, I get the feeling that here is again the lack of direction for openSuse coming through (which I have read about in some articles, and even had some discussions on with some other openSuse users on IRC).

I understand the reasoning that distro’s do not want to include codecs with the releases but I cannot fathom why adding them afterwards shouldn’t be made as painless as possible… I don’t have to install and configure a desktop environment from scratch… I don’t have to fiddle with setting up a mouse so I am not sure why I should struggle with multimedia in this day and age.

I am a very big fan of doing “apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras” from terminal for Ubuntu, just because right after I am pretty sure all media will work, but even this is not that helpful for a new user, and I can fully understand the appeal of distro’s like Mint etc.

I make this post not just to give my opinion but to learn from others why I may be mistaken thinking what I do and welcome anybody that can shed more clarity on the inner reasoning of openSuse.


Follow this and you should be good
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide

It’s all to do with Laws and Countries. Codswallop if you ask me…


Thanks for the link, I actually already used a 1-click install this morning to get my multimedia fix (it didn’t work without dependency errors so in my ignorance I just kept including extra files till the script was satisfied)… my concern/question/confusion is the hesitance to make installing these codecs easy (I know why they aren’t shipped by default)… like the OP asked, does Fedora have the right idea with autoten, or is 1-click the way… some of the posters in this thread is heavily against making it easy, something I am not sure why, and would like to know…?


We want it to be easy, but I agree, compared to Ubuntu’s Restricted Extras, it’s not
I wrote the guide I quoted you and I use it myself
Autoten, I was not so impressed with, but it basically works.

Folks here are not against making it easy. It’s just that in place legislation requires we jump a few hoops. Else Novell could be on tricky ground.