Installing modem driver.

OpenSuSE 10.3 doesn’t see my modem on a MSI laptop. it may be an Agere Systems HDA modem.I think i downloaded the right driver, but there are problems with installation. I’m trying with ‘make’ command, but it exits with error 2 no rule to make target ‘modules’.

P. S. i downloaded the modem from

What are the next steps to install the modem?

There is little support for most of these soft modem drivers, and most written for older kernels, so success is far from guaranteed.

A common mistake is to issue the make command in the wrong working directory ie you must do something like

cd /directory/where/package/was/unpacked first

then do make

That directory needs to have a ‘makefile’ included.

If you have no luck with this driver, then you could also try the martien_modem packages (as they are better designed for recent kernels). See Martian - Agere Systems WinModem driver for Linux

Thanks a lot for the driver. But ‘make’ gives the same error.:confused:
Could it be that the Makefile is missing some instructions?

I would like to help more, but I’m not familiar with these packages. You’re definitely better off with the martien packages (as they are current and still supported).

This text file suggest you can get help from Alexei Chentsov:

Please send any failure info to both this and “Alexei Chentsov” <>