Installing Leap fails

Hello everybody,

i hope i can get help here, since i couldn’t find some elsewhere.

The problem is:
The installing sequence hangs completely, requiring a hard reset.

This is what i did/tried:

download Leap 42.1 from a mirror (md5-checksum succeed)
burn it on DVD, and created a bootable USB drive
boot from DVD and from the USB drive (the error occurs with both media)
run memtest (no errors)
selecting install (the error occurs with Kernel set to default, safe settings, or "no acpi")

This is what happens:

the lightbulb enlightens, the first install screen shows, upon selecting install the kernel is loaded up to 100%, many startup message text lines show, among which the following two seem unnormal to me: After 10 seconds of seemingly idle time, it says “ata 1.00 qc time out (cmd 0xec)”, and “ata 1.00 failed to IDENTIFY I/O error, err_mask=0x4)”. Here it waits another 30 seconds to continue with boot messages, then the three green bars grow to the right, fast first, getting very slow to the end. After three minutes, the darkest reaches the right end of the screen, then a new screen with the following choice shows up:

>>>linuxrc 5.0.61 (Kernel 4.1.12-1-default<<<
Please make sure yout installation medium is available. choose the URL to retry.
enter another url
[ok] [back]

From there, it does not react to anything.
The system is a Fujitsu Esprimo P2550 with an NVIDIA MCP73 chipset, Intel Core2 Duo E7500 CPU (2.93 GHz), onboard graphic NVIDIA GeForce 7050, 2 GB RAM, SATA II, HD with 320 GB (no raid), PS2 keyboard, USB mouse

This is what i ruled out already:
Install data or media corrupted (install works on a different, older system)
hardware fault (Win XP is installed, works fine, without hidden errors)
disabling the onboard LAN + sound, limiting USB to 1.1, setting ACPI to native IDE or compatible does not change anything.
A live lesslinux with Kernel boots and works.

I read there are certain NVIDIA driver issues. Could a special driver be required that early, e.g. for the SATA controller?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Simon

do you have secure boot disabled, it’s done in bios see your bios manual for more info.
I usually install with a network install iso, I write it to usb and get the packages from my mirror but you need a wired conection for that.
Try running the installer in safe mode hit F5 and select Installation—Safe Settings