Installing Leap 42.3 to new NVMe SSD drive - anything I need to be aware of?

I’ve just got a new Samsung 960 EVO NVMe SSD for my Dell XPS 13 and want to install Leap 42.3 onto it. This is my first SSD and wondered if I there are any specific choices I need to make with regards to installing Leap to the SSD to optimise and preserve the SDD.

I did some research on the web but most articles are very dated so I’m not sure they are relevant anymore. This particular article lists a few things to change but again it’s old ( So does the installer figure everything out and make the right choices for the SSD or do I need to change the default configuration?

Things like:
I read Btrfs should be avoided due to the high write frequency for the snapshots. Leap selects Btrfs for the root partition by default.
Do I need to add or make any tweaks with regards to TRIM?
Do I need to reduce the swapiness?

What else should I configure?


Where will this SSD (Desktop or Laptop) mount, what features does the computer have?

Check the firmware is up to date in your Samsung device, check the specs of the device as to read and writes to the device it should be GiB’s a day.

You can turn snapshots off if you want, AFAIK, it’s off in Leap 42.3 (it’s not active for me on my test system).

The only thing I do these days is wind down swappiness, everything else is defaults and already optimized for a SSD including io scheduler, running trim etc.

Thanks. I’ll wind back the swapiness. What value did you use?. Not sure how to check the if snapshots are off but I’ll look that up.

During install in the expert partitioner should be an option, else when installed as root user run the command snapper list.

I use the following in /etc/sysctl.conf;

# Disable swap
vm.swappiness = 1
vm.vfs_cache_pressure = 50