Installing Leap 15.0 aarch64 on Raspberry Pi-3B; problems with 3B+

I have tested with the ethernet cable plugged in all the time.

I am glad to hear that you also got infested. :slight_smile:
I was on the verge of ordering a second RPi to see if there was something wrong with my sample. Now I feel better, it is most likely software related. That issue annoys me a lot.

My plan is not really to use X11, but rather OPEN LOOK on it. I just choose X11 as a smaller basic foundation before I could put OPEN LOOK on it, as that was not an available option.

Tonight I will try again. This time I will also start with JeOS, see if OPEN LOOK is a choice (I doubt). Otherwise I go for XFCE and try to fix the window environment later. When up and running I will unplug eth0 and disable it, I do not really need to use eth0. If it does not work well, I will experiment a bit based on your other suggestions.

I will report back how it works.

OK, I GOT IT! Just went through the fresh install from the X11 image, plus the update, with no disruptions along the way, and have both wlan0 and eth0 working just fine.

The key is to kill NetworkManager. Wish I’d read my own notes earlier!

You can probably stabilize your installed system by just doing

systemctl stop NetworkManager
systemctl disable NetworkManager

But if you want a clean install from the X11 image, here are the steps:

  • copy the image to your boot medium (“xzcat … | dd …”)
  • insert medium into your RPi-3B+; power up; let it boot up, resize partitions, reboot, and present the login screen; log in as root/linux
  • Click the leftmost icon on the toolbar (“Favorite Applications”); then Desktop/Settings; set hostname; repeat and click date/time to set time zone; repeat and click “network settings” and configure your wlan0 (no need to specify DNS or gateway if you’re using DHCP); exit and it’ll start network services
  • Open a terminal session.
  • Do an “ifconfig” and you’ll see that wlan0 is working and has an IP address; eth0 is listed but has no IP. Don’t bother trying to reconfigure it: it seems not to be fixable at this point.
  • Do a “systemctl status” and then “/Net<carriage return>”; you’ll see that NetworkManager is running. “q” from systemctl to get back to a command prompt.
  • Execute the following: “systemctl stop NetworkManager” then “systemctl disable NetworkManager”
  • Reboot (just to be careful)
  • Log in and open a terminal window
  • “ifconfig” shows that both wlan0 and eth0 have IP addresses (if you have plugged an Ethernet cable into the EN port); unplug the EN cable and ping a well-known host – let it run for 20 packets or so to be sure it’s reliable; replug the EN cable and type “ifdown wlan0” on the terminal, then run the ping exercise again. Should again get a steady, uninterrupted stream of ping packets sent and received. Do an “ifup wlan0” to reactivate your WiFi link.
  • Execute “zypper -vvv -t patch --no-recommends”: it’ll download the catalogs, ask if you want to do the updates; type “y” and let it run. It’ll take a while as it has to recreate the boot images, but it runs to completion with no disruptions.
  • When finished, reboot. Open a terminal window and verify that both eth0 and wlan0 are active (if you have the Ethernet cable plugged in).
  • At this point you have a freshly installed, freshly updated Leap 15 on RPi-3B+.

Give it a try, please, and let me know if you have problems. Just did it myself and it worked just like it was supposed to.

The hints to me should have been the fact that I never got the same IP twice for wlan0. I configured my router’s DHCP service hands the same IP address out every time to any given MAC address, but every time I did an ifdown/ifup on wlan0, I got a different Mac address and different IP. I should have recognized that something was screwing with the system behind the curtain. Just forgot about NetworkManager.

Sorry, again, this took me so long. Should have figured it out immediately.


Success, it seems, finally! Thanks a lot for the help!

However, it seems that also XFCE is infested, but it is less pronounced here…

I have continued with my AArch64 system which seems to work quite fine, taming XFCE to do what I want (OPEN LOOK/xview seems not to be around) and installing Haskell and some development tools. Seems like a quite capable, but a bit sluggish system.

I think the key to install it is to use JeOS with ethernet as that went without a glitch this time, then kill NetworkManager as suggested. Now it really rocks! The only minor thing is a small amount of infestation, but I barely notice it with XFCE.

I use only wlan0 now and have configured it with manual settings. Pinging it under some load gives 10-100ms response time locally, without any strange behaviours like before.

My warmest thank you for all the help!