Installing latest Java JDK version

Hi Forum,

I try to install Java JDK 1.6u11 but it seems, my system didn’t recognise it.
I installed the rpm packages with Yast (probably the easiest way for newbies).

The installation went fine (dir: /usr/java/jdk1.6.0_11/).

But the update-alternatives command shows only the pre-installed versions of openSuse 11.1:

“There is only 1 program which provides javac
(/usr/lib64/jvm/java-1.5.0-gcj/bin/javac). Nothing to configure.”

Any suggestions?

I got some issue with JDK (6u11) with SUSE 11.1 too. The installation went fine and all things seems to be working. However, after the installation, the USB drive and DVD drive are not accessible. The software manager installation hang up too.

I removed the JDK and the drives work again. Then I put the JDK 6u10 to it and drives not working again. Did any one else experienced the same issue?

No, JDK works fine here. I have a strong feeling that there is something wrong with the Java package though somewhere. This is because when I try to run Aptana it crashes with a Java error. Eclipse runs fine though as does Netbeans.

Which version of the JDK you installed? Is that from Sun or OpenJDK?


Everything works fine with this version of Java. (Eclipse, Netbeans, and Aptana)

Thank you a lot. I am installing this one. Those I got making the USB or DVD drive not accessible are straight from SUN web site. I am trying this one. lol!

My eclipse was very unstable after I installed the PHP and Subversion plugins for Aptana (plugins for plugins, crazy world)… so I replaced the openjdk one with with the sun 1_6 one and it took a turn for the worse.
As I noticed the 1_7 preview ( nicked ‘icetea’ or something like that ) also in the repositories I thought to myself ‘Can’t get worse… can it?’ and installed it… seems to have improved stability.

So if you run into problems later on you might want to give the 1.7 preview a try.

Thanks for that suggestion. I was afraid that Iced Tea would be unstable. I don’t have any problems right now, but I may try it anyways.