installing kde4 post installation

I have been using 10.2 for a couple of years and over the weekend installed 11.0. Loove it!. Most of the anoyances seem to have been fixed, especially yast. I installed kde3 'cause I need a stable system for work. I appeared to only accept one option and I chose kde3 asuming gnome and 4 would be installed as well. But no!
Now I would like to play with 4 and need to find out if I can install KDE4 on my system without doing a complete reinstall. I had saved all my data and users on a usb hard drive and it had taken a couple of days to transfer all data, get updates for divers and printers and the system is now working beautifuly.
Is there a way to get KD4 on the box and in the login window without starting from scratch?
Would love your help!

There are a lot of issues with KDE4 off the dvd install, I suggest you
have a look here and upgrade to 4.1


At the login screen you can then select KDE4 from the session menu.

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Thanks heaps for the link Malcolm. For others I have since found out that in yast one can find the install for other desktops under patterns and it will install from the DVD.:slight_smile: