installing kde 4.4 SC with opensuse 11.2

Can anyone get me started on installing kde 4.4 sc on opensuse 11.2?

Thanks in advance

You need to add this repo

Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/Factory:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.2

Then do this
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But at this time 4.53am GMT it is not in the repo yet

Are u sure that this repository contains the kde 4.4 sc build. It is mentioned that the repository contains snapshots of the kde releases and may contain bugs.

Yes I’m sure
But kde4.4, although it will be released in that repo, it is a development repo, so once you update with that, if you continue to do so, it will become 4.4.1 beta

There will not be a repo maintained for 4.4.0 with updates

I want to get kde 4.4 stable version only. isnt that possible without waiting for another release. Also dont want to install all the packages one by one.

You won’t get a “stable” repo for KDE 4.4 on OS 11.2

The repo mentioned above is correct. And for me it is working.
You also don’t have to install each package separately. Check the “button” (rather a link) “Switch packages…” that is marked in the posted image :wink:

It’s kind of possible
If you grab the packages now from factory, they are basically at release level. But you would then have to NOT update kde at all, only install security updates.
That you don’t already understand all this suggests to me that you would be better sticking to 4.3.5 stable :slight_smile: