installing KDE 4.3

Hi -

I have a stable 11.1 gnome-based laptop running gnome 2.26. I do have QT 4.5 installed, and KDE runtime 4.3. I really don’t want to break my gnome installation.

I would like to install KDE 4.3 just to experiment. Can I do that without breaking things horribly? Most notably, I want to continue to use GDM. So, I want to be able to log in like I currently do and have nothing be different; or log into KDE.

I this possible? Thanks!

  • John

You need the factory repo’s, so guide here:
KDE4.3.* Upgrade - HowTo - openSUSE Forums

No promises that all will be warm and fuzzy.

You need auto login disabled to select the desktop at boot.

why don’t you try it with a Live CD, that way it can’t possibly muck
up your Gnome…(unless you mount your drives and fool around)…

download KDE4.3.1 on openSUSE 11.1 at

at the very least i’d advise you to add a new users, and log into KDE4
ONLY as that new user…at least, that way you won’t have personal
settings in your home for both gnome and kde (which i have found
sometimes troublesome)

or just make a full system backup prior to installing KDE4, and fall
back to that after you uninstall it (if it mucks up your system)…


As a word of caution: you can’t install KDE 4.3.x to an existing openSUSE install (11/11.1) from the KDE 4.3.x Live CD.

it was not my intention to tell him to even TRY to install only KDE4.3
from a live CD–but rather to RUN KDE4.3 by booting from a live cd and
looking at 4.3 all he wishes, SAFELY…

THEN if he liked it and still wanted to install, it should be clear
to do that following the directions already given by caf4926…

BUT, in addition to caf’s directions, i also suggest he add a new user
to prevent settings for kde4 and gnome existing in the same /home

if that wasn’t clear, then thanks for speaking up zmdmw52…

Note: Accuracy, completeness, legality, or usefulness of this posting
may be illusive.

Hi -

Thanks for the responses. Yes, I understood that the purpose of the live CD was to try the desktop, not install it. It was, however, useful to know that it was not an installation tool, as that might have eventually been a prospect came to my mind.

I’ve tried the live CD. It was somewhat uninspiring. Nothing wrong with KDE. In fact, It is so much better than the last time I looked. But the live CD didn’t allow me much experimentation. I couldn’t turn on compositing, for example. For some reason, I couldn’t even connect to my wireless network (although it could see it).

Anyway, if the purpose of the exercise was to see if I could develop a desktop environment that is as/more functional than my gnome desktop, then the live CD was not a very good experiment because I was unable to even get close to what I would need.

The other reading was good. It looks like the preferred method for installing 4.3 is to install 4.2 and upgrade. I can think of at least one minor application in my current setup that would be broken by that - plus all the unknown stuff - so I guess I will let this go for now. Maybe I’ll try KDE when 11.2 goes stable.

Anyway, thanks for the help. It was interesting.

  • John

> Anyway, thanks for the help. It was interesting.


on missing capability: it is possible to boot the Live CD and then
follow the same directions it would take to get to (for example) a
working composting and wireless on an installed system…

but, a lot of ‘work’ to get there, and then just let it evaporate on
the next boot…


Question, so I can understand. I currently have Gnome installed, but I want convert over to KDE. So is it possible to change over without re-installing?

Yes. Just follow the above suggestions.

VcDeveloper1 wrote:
> Question, so I can understand. I currently have Gnome installed, but I
> want convert over to KDE. So is it possible to change over without
> re-installing?

sure, but you are going from stable to unknown…

converting from a usable Gnome system to KDE is easy…except KDE will
arrive at the mostly broken 4.1 state…which THEN you have to update
to something more ready for use…

just use YaST, search for the KDE4 base (and i don’t know what else)…
when that is done log out/change session, and on the next log in page
click in the lower left corner on “Sessions” and pick KDE4…

then find (in these fora) the how-to update to 4.2 (or .3, i don’t

an alternative would be to wait for 11.2…

Have a lot of fun…

use this guide, it has worked for me

KDE 4.3.3 Released – openSUSE Build Service | Ben Kevan’s Blog

Thanks! I appreciate your help and will follow your advice!