Installing KDE 4.1 beta on openSuSE 11

I enabled the KDE 4 Factory repo in an attempt to install the latest 4.1 beta (cuz I dislike the official 4.0 series). However, when I looked at the packages I was completely bamboozled as to which packages to install. So which ones should I install? I don’t need the extra packages like Edutainment or whatever. I just need a functional basic desktop.

Note that I have the GNOME desktop installed currently.

if you start yast2 and select “software management” with the factoray repo enabled you should change the filter drop down box to “patterns” and select KDE4 base sytem and optionally KDE4 dekstop environment which will pull the “basic” KDE4 packages without manually selecting all of them


can’t you just do a #zypper dup and get the latest packages?

Sure, if you already have KDE4 installed.

Thanks for the tip!

Thanks, I’m going to try it out then :wink: