Installing KDE 3 on Open Suse 11.1

Just installed Open Suse 11.1 on my computer, and so far I’m loving it! But I’m not really to sure about KDE4 Is there a way to install KDE 3.5 from the repositories? I’m sort of lost in KDE4 and would love to have the option to switch. If someone could tell me the files I need for KDE3.5 I would appreciate it…thanks.

Sorry I meant that I have Open Suse 11.0 NOT 11.1

go to YaST -software management, select patterns from the top drop-down list scroll down & select kde 3 from the list. to install quickly,temporarily disable your repo’s but not dvd & install,unless you have a speedy connection. then,from the login screen,select sessions ( down the bottom-left ) & select your DE from there,then login as normal


Thank you so much deltaflyer44…that worked like a charm :slight_smile: Thanks again!

Excellent, glad you are sorted,now enjoy :slight_smile: