installing kbe 4.2 beta 2 form live cd 64 bit

hello i am new here and new to openSUSE
i read some where that kde 4.2 beta 2 was on the live cd os i downloaded the live cd

my question is can i install kde 4.2 beta 2 from the live cd

form a clean install os i just install kde 4.2 beta 2 and bypass kde 4.1 form the get go

any yes i love openSUSE

is a cross between windods and Amiga

tankyou all for you help

Beta2 is not on the live cd you have to add the repos


hello this is on the web sit you gave me

Unstable Packages

* KDE 4.1.8x (unstable): The KDE:KDE4:UNSTABLE:Desktop Build Service project contains development betas that will become KDE 4.2. They are experimental and might not work. Use with care; do not use with production data.
* Live CD: KDE Four Live is a frequently updated Live CD containing the above beta packages. The latest release includes KDE 4.2 Beta 2. 

here is the link to the live cd

“KDE Four Live” CD](

is the only 32 bit ?

if so what the best way for me to get kde 4.2 beat on my system
thank you for your help