Installing in virtual mashine

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I try to install OpenSuse 11.0 in virtual mashine. The problem is - during the installation appears text-mode window with menu, to select “create swap partiotion” or “create swap file”. After selecting any, this menu appears again, I can’t proceed.

Installation program see the virtual disks. When I press the “Back” button in this menu and go to “System information”, virtual HDD shows correct there.

Same reaction on Sun VirtualBox and VMWare 6.5. On different physical computers, both under Windows XP.

  • DonDublon,

verify the installation media. It may be damaged/corrupt.


But, I had install opensuse from this DVD to physical computers - succesfully.

I never had any issues installing openSUSE inside VirtualBox and I am not 100% I understand your issue but go here for image files.

I’ve used several of there image files and it has saved me installation time.

Have you initially created a fixed size disk??

I try both variants - fixed and dynamic.

for D8TA - thank you, but I have too thin internet channel.


I’m sorry. But what you are saying doesn’t make much sense. Well it’s not clear.

Assuming you have a good install media (FYI, I tend to use the actual .iso rather than a burned cd or dvd) and (It has passed the media check). The install should proceed according to the normal parameters for either case: cd or dvd. The Live cd boots to a live desktop. And in the case of the dvd the swap partition is created during the partitioning section of the install.

Tell us as clearly as you can what is happening and what you are doing.

Well, thank you for interest, I weite it more clearly. I try to install OpenSuse 11.0, from DVD source - in virtual machines - using programs VMWare 6.5 and Sun VirtualBox.

If I choose text mode installation, after some text on black screen appears a menu, (blue screen, navy menu) - ask me to choose, create swap partition or create a swap file.

Of course, I think that it is something wrong with virtual disk. I press @Back@ in this menu, return to previous and choose “System information”. There was information about my virtual disk, shoown correctly.

According to your advice, I test installation media - there was all ok.

By the way, I also try to use MS Virtual PC as virtual machine program, but there was error on earlier stage, which reset the guest system.

So can’t you use .iso image - or did you delete it? You add it in the mount .iso part of the VM settings.

And why do you want to use text mode in a VM? It should not be necessary.

Yes, you right about text mode - I hope to copy text to paste here, but can’t. Same problem on graphical and text mode.

I hadn’t iso image, use physical DVD-disk.

So, I dont’t say main problem - when choose the some variant from this menu, it appears again, more and more. I cant proceed installation.