installing hybrid nvidia proprietary drivers, HELP!

Hi guys, I have an Asus g46vw laptop. This laptop came with hybrid or “dual” graphics, meaning that i have an intel hd4000 chip and an nvidia geforce gtx660m discrete chip inside. because of this im having a extremely difficult time installing my nvidia proprietary drivers. I haven’t tried installing them on suse 13.3 yet but have tried in other linux distros like elementary and ubuntu. all i got was a black screen whenever i tried installing them. i think its due to the fact that it has two gpu chips. Please if anyone has a fix to this let me know ASAP! I thank you all in advance :slight_smile:

You need to use bumblebee to control things with a Intel-NVIDIA frankenvideo machine

can you please clarify on as to how i can use bumblebee? and i dont know what a frankenvideo is. i did install bumblebee tho so i do have that.

LOL it is different brand GPU’s in the same machine

I don’t have any hardware that does this so Someone else will have to jump in but thee have been several discussion about this hybrid type of hardware.

Here are some instruction others have offered

Thanks ill check em out now. Hopefully steamos will be pretty stable on its release and all other distros too.

it just seems impossible getting the nvidia drivers… no matter what ido it just doesnt get the job done… gues im stuck with it for now :confused: