Installing HP Printer Offline

At our congregation we have an HP LaserJet m2727nf printer. I am trying to bring in a new PC (running OpenSuse 12.1) and connect it to that printer. However, there is no internet connection there. I have hplip installed. But when trying to use it to install the printer, it says that the driver needs to be downloaded. hplip does offer the option to select an already downloaded driver. But, after bringing the machine home, I can’t find where to download it from (and of course the printer is not available at home). Can any one give me a hand with this? It will be much appreciated.

Ah, OK. I think I found the solution. There is a command line utility for downloading the drive pack (“binary plugin”). It is called “hp-plugin”. I ran it as root and it seems to have installed the file. I will bring the machine with me tomorrow and see if it works now. I looks hopeful. Thanks any way.