installing grub to flash drive

i accidentally restored mbr and now windows and SUSE wont boot so i want to now how to install grub to flash drive because i always seem to delete it when trying new Linux distro’s so it would be usful to boot my flash dive and use grub on it to choose intalled my OS

also heaps of articles say to install onto a cd but you have to boot from a live cd and i only have one cd drive?

There’s a bunch of methods for fixing Grub on this tutorial:
HowTo Boot into openSUSE when it won’t Boot from the Grub Code on the Hard Drive

Have a look at the option titled: “Reinstall Grub in the Master Boot Record and link it to the existing Grub menu in openSUSE” (option three).

That is for installing a bootloader into drive 0, the first drive. In there the term for drive 0 is (hd0). You can use that method to put Grub into the usb drive by changing (hd0) in the method to match your usb drive, eg (hd1) or (hd2) or whatever.