Installing Google Talk on openSUSE for Firefox - A How To!!

This worked PERFECTLY! These instructions were linked to by a Google employee on the google help forums:

Google Voice And Video Chat Comes To Linux! ~ Web Upd8

32 bit

mkdir goog; cd goog
ar vx google-talkplugin_current_i386.deb
sudo tar xvzf data.tar.gz -C /

64 bit

mkdir goog; cd goog
ar vx google-talkplugin_current_amd64.deb
sudo tar xvzf data.tar.gz -C /

Then restart Firefox.

For newbies or “non-expert” people:

  1. Open a terminal (Konsole) window.

NOTE: Do NOT log in as root for all this!

  1. In any folder where you are fine creating and extracting the google stuff, type that first line “mkdir goog;cd goog”.

NOTE: Technically, you can create a folder of any name. The “goog” name is not required. This folder will simply house the archive.

  1. Continue typing each line in the code above, one at a time and hit return after each line

  2. The “sudo…” line will ask for the root login, this is the only time root should be used.

After you restart firefox, in the Tools -> Addons -> Plugins tab, you’ll see google talk. And yes, it should now work!

Maybe you missed the thread in chat about the rpm’s I’ve built :wink:
Getting people like Google to produce openSUSE rpms.

malcolmlewis wrote:

> Maybe you missed the thread in chat about the rpm’s I’ve built :wink:

apparently (if i read the OP correctly) it is not necessary to use the
rpm? instead just run the rather simple code…

or, did i misunderstand…

CAVEAT: [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]

Yes, in the manual install your installing all sorts of additional (non
openSUSE) links/folders that are unneeded, it doesn’t pull in any of
the other requires and update library info that an rpm will do :wink:

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Oops. I did the steps for the 32bit and now FF opens, then crashes. How do I “undo” the changes? Thanks.