Installing Google Earth

Since Google Earth is not in the repos, I downloaded the bin file, now what do you use to install it?

I didnt know they made it for linux until i searched it. I downloaded it and ran the installer, and it worked beautifully.

On how to run it, right click the google-earth.bin, and go to the properties item, click it, go to permissions, checkmark the box that says is executable hit ok, then double click the bin, and it should begin installing. if not, try dragging and dropping it in the konsol. :cool:

There’s a great tutorial on doing this on HowToForge.

About halkway down the page, there will be a section on installing GoogleEarth.

Thanks, that did the trick :slight_smile:

or go into terminal , and type sh ./filename.bin

Thanks! I had to D & D it to Konsole. Works Great!