Installing gnome or kde 3.5

Hai everybody…

I have installed openSuSE 11 with KDE 4. Now I want to install gnome and Kde 3.5 (which are available with the package) additional and want to select different sessions during login. Can it be possible. How can I install these two Desktop Environments in addition to my installed Kde 4. Help anyone please…

well as far as I know:

yast > software management
Set filter to Paterns
Select Gnome Desktop & Gnome Base
Select KDE 3 Desktop & KDE Base

once they installed you can logout and when you are prompted for your login at the bottom left you can select which you want to login to.

Thank you for your support.
I will try as your direction.

Thanks again…:slight_smile:

Can we install packages from the install media (DVD)? Or only from Web? When I done as the directions in the second post, the YaST downloading packages from the Web…:’(

well to use the CD I think you need to play a bit with the repositries, maybe someone more experiance can help you there. However if you use the web it may be a bit slower but you should have the latest versions of all.

Just activate your DVD in Yast → Software → Repositories. And maybe deactivate the online repos for the time installing.