Installing Gnome desktop in KDE


I have installed KDE (default) with 11.4 openSUSE. Now from the location:

Yast -> Software Management -> View -> Patterns

I installed the XFCE desktop, which is also good. However, I didn’t install the Gnome desktop, but while I login from the session windows, there is an option to switch to Gnome too (I don’t know why it is coming there though I actually cannot login to it). Now installing Gnome, I am trying as follows:

Yast -> Software Management -> View -> Patterns and here are two options:

GNOME Desktop Environment
GNOME Base System

Should I check both? If I check ‘GNOME Base System’, there is no issue but while if I check (for installation) the other option ‘GNOME Desktop Environment’, there is a warning:


So how do I proceed? Thanks.

Should I check both?
But when you mark one, the other will (should) automatically mark too

delete kde-pure

Ok I do install then, selecting the first option in the warning.


Yes I have installed but when the auto prompt of KPackageKit comes (for auto updations, in KDE desktop), it shows me an error:


possibly because I installed the Gnome too but this warning I got while working in KDE. So, how to solve it?

You should disable kpackagekit

I thought you were using 12.1?
That error points to a 11.3 repo

My current estimation is:
You are close to having a completely Borked system.

Can you please let me know how to do it?

No, I am using 11.4. How can write this (& related) information in my signature (since from options, I am not able to do that).

Yeah, but that repo (of 11.3) got added when I actually installed the GNOME from the said steps only, though I thought the repo should be of 11.4…?

I am afraid, really?

Disable it by right click > Configure > Check for updates > Never

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Post the output of this from a terminal

zypper lr -d

Well, I did, but I guess it is not required since I update from Yast? So its already done from there…, I guess.


This is the output.

One thing straight away: the first one is a 11.3 repo. Should not be used with 11.4
If you’re looking for GNOME 3, you’re better off installing openSUSE 12.1, you can even modify the packageselection during install to set it to install KDE and GNOME3 all at once.

Okay, so should I disable that repo of 11.3, so only disabling of that repo would work or would I need to uninstall the GNOME desktop too? I installed the GNOME desktop and automatically that repo got added in 11.4 openSUSE. I don’t need GNOME 3 but only wanted to see the GNOME desktop from the Session login, so installed it in KDE (the default one). I also installed XFCE. But now what (should) I do? Thanks.

open a terminal and do:

su -
zypper rr 1

Please make sure you have done this
(If you know you did it already, leave it and just do the following)

Then post the result of

zypper ve

I did exactly like this but only in the first figure you gave, there was no where written “as superuser” in its heading while I did it from Yast (which actually is written in the picture you showed). The output of “zypper ve” is as follows:

Loading repository data…
Reading installed packages…

Dependencies of all installed packages are satisfied.

So you should be good now

Okay, but one thing I want to know is that from where my GNOME desktop should work since already the GNOME repo deleted…? Or I am missing anything…? Thanks.

Gnome, kde, xfce, lxde are all part of the openSUSE main repos
You don’t need to add a repo for gnome or the others

The kde repo you added is to get updated version of kde

Okk…, thanks.

So now I should be tension free that the system would not eventually broke.

One more thing I noted down is that the login sound comes only in the default KDE desktop but not in Gnome or XFCE.