Installing Gnome after KDE

I apologize if this is the wrong forum or, if the question has been answered and I just can not find it.

It took several tries to get the 13.2 version to install, and on the successful attempt, I installed KDE. (I had tried to select the Gnome desktop on earlier install attempts.)
I would really like to use Gnome, at least for awhile, so I want to install Gnome also. I went to YAST and software and patterns and selected and installed Gnome (I think).
On a complete reboot, I expected to be asked which desktop to use, Gnome or KDE.
I do not get that choice, but just the login screen which then goes straight to KDE.

I have done this on a previous version of openSUSE but I seem to have forgotten how.

I’d appreciate it if someone will direct me or provide me with instructions for installing Gnome.

Have fun,

if you have already installed Gnome - then on the login screen (KDM) in the very bottom left, click on the spanner icon, select Gnome and then login.

Surprised you had trouble installing openSUSE. Did you check the media for errors before installing?

Your PC might have some hardware related problems with Gnome that it does not seem to have with KDE. Keep us posted.

For the desktop choice at login, see farcusnz post before mine.:wink:


Could be driver related like graphics.
I just installed gnome for the first time
I have xfce as my main DE with a minimal kde installation.
I just added gnome last night by installing the gnome session and
gdm it pick-up the needed packages and was able to have it working.
Oh, I got some pointers from malcolmlewis in my post this morning and
added gnome tweak tool because it was not pickup when I installed gnome.

Maybe you’re wondering I did not install base from the patterns.
The reason is I want it to be light as possible and I am mixing apps from different DE’s.

Interesting! Well, then, you were already expecting a few bumps along the way that would need tweaking, with your experience.:wink:

He,he, I am just ready to pull the sleeves if something goes wrong.:wink:

Well, that was simple, Thanks. Guess I had a ‘senior moment’. Works fine now.

On the several failed installs, I did verify the install DVD was good, no errors
I remember on one of the tries, selecting Gnome, after installation, on reboot it just stopped with a black screen.

I tried recovery, but do not really know how to use that system and lazy, so started from a fresh install again.
I think it was third or fourth try it just worked. Only difference was selecting KDE as the default desktop. I use the custom partitioning to put /home on a separate disk. Nothing very fancy.

Thanks again,