installing gcc and g++

I just installed the rpm gcc41-c++ .

After installation completed I type gcc in terminal and I still get command not found.

What do I need to do to configure it? I mean, I don’t even know where yast installed it and placed the binaries…

forgot to tell, i’m using suse 10.2

Hi Kux & welcome!

Could be you need to install the gcc packages (without the specific version). I don’t have 10.2 handy and can’t check it for you.

What’s the output of;
whereis gcc
rpm -qa | grep gcc


openSUSE doesn’t come with GCC installed by default. The easiest way to get the dev environment is to use the Patterns filter in YaST2. Select Patterns from the Filter dropdown in the Software Management window. At the bottom of the left hand panel is a bunch of Development patterns. Choose at least the one for your desktop (either KDE or GNOME) to be sure to get most everything you’ll need.