Installing from net install DVD

Everything starts and I am presented with a menu asking for the address of the installation repository. A little difficult to find that at this point. What url should I point to?
Thanks in advance.

When that happens there’s more likely an underlying problem with networking preventing the default from being found. From that point, do Ctrl-Alt-F2, then ip a. Do you have valid IP address(es) assigned? Can you ping

Networking can be manually configured via bootloader linu line by following the instructions here.

You could try or, but it won’t help without working network.

  1. I can’t get to a cli prompt via Ctrl-Alt-F(anything).
  2. I am obviopusly connected since early in the process it reports…“To use the selected repository a matching boot image is needed. Download it now and restart?” And after a “yes” response it downloads it without an error message.
  3. When I enter either of the two above addresses, it then asks me again for “cd:/”, “hd:/”, “Other URL”.
  4. After trying to install with two different DVD’s (net and full) perhaps thare is another method.

If you have a working Grub installed:

menuentry "Install openSUSE 15.3 via HTTP" {
	search --no-floppy --label --set=root <partitionlabel-for-filesystem-of-linux+initrd>
	linuxefi /os153/linux showopts install= hostname=myhost ifcfg="192.168.###.###/24,192.168.###.###,,"
	initrdefi /os153/initrd

Get linux and initrd off your NET .iso, or from here. Additional command line options are here. There are other options, but this one is my normal one. I don’t often burn .isos.

Go back, select language, enter Expert menu, Start shell.

When installing Leap and Tumbleweed I use net install exclusively.

  • With ethernet I am never asked for an address. The openSUSE installer works like any other installer and asks your router for an address.
  • With wireless I enter the SSID and the PSK.

I finally did get the net install started only to be confronted by an error, “input not supported”. I refer to my post titled “Input not supported” for the explanation and solution.