Installing from HDD


I have a HDD with only Opensuse 11.2 files and folders in it(I only have CD burner at the moment), it is like opensuse 11.2 DVD, the only difference is the media itself, so how do I Install from there?

Here’s my PC spec

Intel Pentium D
Intel Desktop Board 945GNT

1X 80GB SATA HDD partitioned with NTFS and unallocated space with Windows XP SP3 in it and intended to install Suse here without removing windows.

IDE 40GB HDD(FAT32) with Opensuse 11.2 file and folders in it

I downloaded the liveCD and installed from there, You can make any software changes you like afterwards, and still get the results you want.

All of the software is available in the repo’s.

I got it installed by making the repo into ISO then followed ISO install on wiki page, Thanks for the suggestion tho;)