Installing from a USB.

I have been trying to install OpenSUSE from a usb stick and no matter witch image I download it wont get recognized by the image writer because it is .iso instead of .raw.
any help on this would be appreciated.

SDB:Live USB stick - openSUSE

On 04/13/2011 05:36 PM, screwball69 wrote:
> because it is .iso instead of .raw.
> any help on this would be appreciated.

these two will probably get you up and going:

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ok, I’m not sure if I am majorly retarded or what but in any of the links provided there is no help at all.
I have followed allt he steps in the usb guide and my problem is that image writer is not letting me actually open the iso.

Just force it. Drag the file or type the file name with the .iso extension. By default image writer wants to use RAW but it works with ISO too you just have to convince it to.

just tried dragging and typing in the file name and it works but when I hit copy it says failed to write access denied.

From what OS are you doing this??

windows 7 (need more letters to post)


I know folks here have win7, but it’s unlikely they use it for writing a Live USB (probably because it sucks)
I have never and would never use it. So sorry, I can’t really help and I’m not sure what the problem is.

Got it, used LiLi USB Creator, only reason I am using windows 7 is because this is a new computer and I haven’t got linux on it yet, my linux laptop is still at work. :confused: