Installing Freemind

I’d like to use Freemind mind mapping software on 11.3/KDE - Main Page - FreeMind - free mind mapping software

But when I try to install the RPMs, it needs some msv-xdlibs or something and then complains about un-Sun Java.

Has anybody successfully got freemind to work on 11.3/KDE - and can they give me few quick tips on how to get it operational?


i’ve not used it but, you can replace the default (open source) Java
(called icedtea, i think) using YaST…just select the icetea for
deletion and SUN Java for install…most people do that anyway…

as for the missing “msv-xdlibs” you should try installing the RPM
using YaST, it might succeed in finding it (since “msv-xsdlib” is in
the openSUSE repos)

just right click the rpm and select “Action” then “Install with YaST”
or something like that…

after that, good luck (let us know if you are successful, or not)

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Worked a treat!
using Yast deleted icedtea and it automatically replaced with java-…-sun…
found msv-xsdlib on and installed that
then picked freemind RPM from Browse FreeMind Files on
installed no problem
just ran it for the first time and opened file I had created earlier with a Windows version - came up perfect
Many thanks DenverD!

funkymuppet wrote:
> Many thanks DenverD!

welcome…Have a lot of fun!

CAVEAT: [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]