Installing Flash plug in in Firefox in open SUSE 11.1

I’ve installed openSUSE 11.1 in my desktop with default firefox as web browser.

Whenever surfing graphical sites Its says flash need to be installed and in the Adobe site which package I’ve to download? (Yat or tar.gz or rpm, etc… etc…) and how I can install it.

Help with terminal comment will be useful, since I’m very new for Linux.

Thanks in advance

The command

zypper in flash-player

should do the trick. The package is in the non-oss repository.

Actually I would recommend updating your openSUSE because Flash Player is installed with the first update. To update, open Yast then go to Software Repositories. Click the refresh button and choose All Enabled. Then hit Ok.

Then go back to Yast and choose Software Management. You’ll see that flash is already set to be downloaded. On the top you’ll see an option called Package. Click it then choose All Packages>Update if Newer Available and then click Accept on the bottom right. Once it’s done the window will close automatically.

Congratulations! You’ve updated your openSUSE and should now have working flash. Close any Firefox windows open then open Firefox again. You should now be able to use flash.

Take Care,