Installing Flash Player for Mozilla Firefox

Hi Guys,

im using OpenSuse 11.1 and i have downloaded and installed flash-plugin-

But still Firfox saying that i have didnt install the Flash Player… and i cant play any flash content video.

How can i fix this…?

Open a terminal and become su
Become su in Terminal - HowTo - openSUSE Forums

And do this:

zypper in flash-player

1.Go to Yast> Software Management> in the Search type flash delete the one you installed.
2.Go to Yast> Software Management> in the Search type flash look in the pane in the lower right click the version tab.
3.look to see if you have the from opensuse or the non-oss Suse repo checked
4.Check for installation in the upper right pane that should set you up.

The issue I encountered when using the .rpm in openSUSE is that the plugin doesnt go where it needs to if you use the .rpm installer on the adobe website.
Try to open a filebrowser in super user mode, and move the plugin from the flash folder created in /usr/lib/flash (this is where I see it go anyway) (the plugin is listed as
and move or copy it to /usr/lib/browser-plugins
But again you need to be in admin mode for it, its an error with the flashplugin installer.


I followed the way you told me and its working now, many thanks to you! :slight_smile:

Sorry i forgot to rate your answer, and here it is… :slight_smile:

You are welcome;)