Installing firefox 3 on OpeSUSE 10.3

Because version 10.3 detects all my hardwares which 11.0 lacks of, I am still using 10.3, but I want to use firefox 3, one way is to add Mozilla’s build service repository and install it, as well as delete firefox 2, I use the laptop as main working system for study, so I don’t want to create anything unstable, I have several questions:
1 Can I setup plugins such like Java, Flash and multimedia for FF3?
2 Do I still have previous FF settings?

I used to use Ubuntu 7.10 and updated firefox to version 3 using the backport repo, however, it looks like it hasn’t been configured to fit into the system: font looks ugly, cannot open download file with certain types… I don’t want this happen on OpenSUSE.

And, this is just one way, is there any better way for doing this?

Thanks a lot!

Hi. My situation is the same. I downloaded Firefox from it’s site in tgz format. Then i expanded the file to /usr/local and then launched the startup script from there. At the first launch it checked the compatibility whit the previously installed extensions and eventually upgraded them. Then a dialog box queried to have the new browser as the default one and i answered yes. Finally i changed the desktop icon to point to the new browser. All the settings remained the same, even bookmarks. Only the extension split link doesn’t work. This is my experience. Hope this helps

I got fed-up with FF & Flash/java issues.
Remembering that FF will run autonomously from its own folder (much like in windows) I just downloaded FF3.0 to its own folder and added to /home/~/FF3.0/plugins/ and it all works even on a 64bit system ! :slight_smile:

I just made sure I had openSUSE Build Service - Mozilla in my repositories, and selected update for Firefox in Yast>Software Management.

I haven’t had any problems so far.

Hope this helps.